Why Absolutely The Hague! ?

I was born in The Hague, lived there until I went to university and then lived a long time in several other places in The Netherlands. Luckily I returned to live in The Hague in 1996. In 2002 I started operating Haagsche Suites. In 2004 I started Blogging.

I’m biased, but The Hague is an excellent city to work in, to live in and an excellent city to visit. I just want to tell this to the world out there in the English language. Because:

  • The Hague has a small problem. It is known by three four different names:
    1. It’s original name is ‘s-Gravenhage,
    2. It’s common name is Den Haag
    3. The English speaking world knows it as The Hague and
    4. The French know it as La Haye

    So it ain’t easy to look it up in Google just try :-)

  • There are many excellent resources on the World Wide Web, but many of those are only in the Dutch language and although there are quite a few Dutch speaking people, there are many more English speaking people.

I cannot do this on my own and am looking around to get as many more people on board to tell the world about our common passion, The Hague. I hope this will become a one stop source of inspiration for fellow and future The Hague lovers. Initially it will be hosted on the WordPress.com platform, but it certainly will be moving to it’s own platform in the future.

I’ve found an excellent backer in Lisa. Lisa is currently on the verge of going on holiday, but you will certainly be hearing from her in the future.

We’ve decided not to plan this venture too much. We’ve only been sparring a bit about a proper name. We hope it catches you!

From there we’ve decided to dive in and to see how it develops as a community project.

What do you think?

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The Start

We have been brainstorming about a name and it has become Absolutely The Hague!

Today is the day of the FiFa WorldCup final between Spain and The Orange team of the Netherlands. Before working further on this project I’ll have to watch the match:-)

Unfortunately the Dutch football team lost in the last couple of minutes in the extension from the Spanish team. The Spanish were just a little bit better than the Dutch. It showed in the number of free kicks and yellow cards the Dutch got during the match. It was like watching the Dutch beating Brazil: In that match the Brazilians were the ones getting more and more frustrated, in this final the Dutch showed their frustrations more and more. Our congratulations to Spain.

On an historic note it was curious to see the crown princes of both countries watching this game brotherly seated next to each other in the VIP lounge. Two kingdoms in a world where republics are more en vogue nowadays…

Ah and I found a suitable photo! Our queen Beatrix giving the start sign.
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