Slagerij Rob Van der Zalm

I needed to start the Shopping and Food and Drinks categories. As I’m currently the “Mayor” of Slagerij Rob van der Zalm (a slager is a butcher) on Foursquare with 2 check ins only, I thought to start with them.

I believe that their mouthwatering hamburgers of Angus beef are the closest to the real American style hamburgers, but I would gladly change my opinion for that of a real American with real American hamburger experience.

A lot of shopping to follow.


It turns out there are two butchers Slagerij van der Zalm, one in Oegstgeest and one in The Hague. The one from The Hague is Rob van der Zalm. Fortunately Foursquare gave me the correct place to login to, but the Foursquare page of Rob van der Zalm needs some updating…

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Zaha Hadid on the Shortlist for a new combined Music and Dance Theather in The Hague

Via Dezeen I know that Zaha Hadid is on a shortlist of 3 architects to built the new combined theater to replace the current Dance Theater and Anton Philips Music hall (the red building on the second photo) which building will also become the home of the Conservatorium (Music School) of The Hague.

Hotels in The Hague

If you are looking for a hotel in The Hague just click the image above or – The Hague, or in a wider circle around The Hague chose for the province of Zuid-Holland at – Zuid-Holland. Nearly all hotels of The Hague (or Zuid-Holland) are represented here. You can make your reservation quickly and safely online. All hotels will be happy if you use this site because they pay a fixed annual service fee to be on this site instead of the high commissions other sites charge them. You can also link directly to the websites of the hotels via The The Hague tourist board uses a derivative of the site as a portal for accommodation in The Hague in the Dutch language, Slaap in Den Haag, which means Sleep in The Hague.

Jam de la Creme Festival July 31, 2010 on the Beach

Don’t forget the Jam de la Creme Festival on the Beach at Beachclub Buiten (Zwarte Pad), Saturday night July 31, 2010 – 7.00 PM till Sunday, August 1, 2010 – 4.00 AM.

Here is a promo for the festival:

The Hague in the summertime

A midsummer's evening, The Hague

One of the best kept secrets is that the summer is one of the best times to discover The Hague. There is still a lot to do and see even though most of it’s residents have gone to more exotic places.

If you are brave enough get to know The Hague on a bike, the streets are a lot quieter and you can see a lot more than on public transport or car. Please be careful of the tram lines, I am confident in saying that everybody at some point makes the mistake to bike too close to them. Throughout The Hague there are extensive bike paths. The city centre is now almost completely car free, so even more reason to get on a bike and find places that you would otherwise not see.

As luck would have it the temperate this year is fabulous for sun lovers. No need to escape to sunnier spots south of the border when we even have our own beaches! Scheveningen is one of the most popular beaches of the Netherlands. Whether you are young or old there is something for everybody. Along the beach on the boulevard there is a wide range of fast food, restaurants and entertainment.

While I am off on vacation tomorrow I am curious to read what your favourite spots, events and happenings are in The Hague during the summer.

The Hague Tweeps

If you like to connect quickly with people based in The Hage I suggest you use Twitter and head over to the list of people who work or live in The Hague with a Twitter Account at Tweepml where you can follow the 213 listed tweeps with one click. All in all the total list cannot exceed 250 as set by Tweepml.

Update August 4, 2010
Originally there was a long list of tweeps, people who tweet, sometimes also called tweeple or tweople, here.
I’ve taken the list away, because it was very long and doesn’t necessarily add to the one click connect with many people experience. It also takes a lot of time to load. Therefor I’ve uploaded a click-able image of the list. In addition updating the list is a bit cumbersome as you have to copy and paste html code in a blogpost which is not easy. Now updating the list is a simpler undertaking and that is the next thing to do.

Shoot Me Filmfestival in October 2010

The 6th edition of the The Hague Shoot Me Film Festival is scheduled From 8-17 October, 2010. It’s motto is ʻAnywhere Cinemaʼ. This film festival is dedicated to international independent films in combination with live music at surprising locations throughout The Hague.

The first artists have been confirmed. Among them are the internationally awarded photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn (the U2 and other popstar “in house” photographer) and Felixʼs “Machines from London” will have its Dutch première. Also various Polish films and animations with music from Chopin and a cinematographic encounter with the Antilles are planned.

Ticket sale for the Shoot Me Film Festival 2010 starts in mid-August, through their website.

Why Absolutely The Hague! ?

I was born in The Hague, lived there until I went to university and then lived a long time in several other places in The Netherlands. Luckily I returned to live in The Hague in 1996. In 2002 I started operating Haagsche Suites. In 2004 I started Blogging.

I’m biased, but The Hague is an excellent city to work in, to live in and an excellent city to visit. I just want to tell this to the world out there in the English language. Because:

  • The Hague has a small problem. It is known by three four different names:
    1. It’s original name is ‘s-Gravenhage,
    2. It’s common name is Den Haag
    3. The English speaking world knows it as The Hague and
    4. The French know it as La Haye

    So it ain’t easy to look it up in Google just try :-)

  • There are many excellent resources on the World Wide Web, but many of those are only in the Dutch language and although there are quite a few Dutch speaking people, there are many more English speaking people.

I cannot do this on my own and am looking around to get as many more people on board to tell the world about our common passion, The Hague. I hope this will become a one stop source of inspiration for fellow and future The Hague lovers. Initially it will be hosted on the platform, but it certainly will be moving to it’s own platform in the future.

I’ve found an excellent backer in Lisa. Lisa is currently on the verge of going on holiday, but you will certainly be hearing from her in the future.

We’ve decided not to plan this venture too much. We’ve only been sparring a bit about a proper name. We hope it catches you!

From there we’ve decided to dive in and to see how it develops as a community project.

What do you think?

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