The Hague says: “Good bye Manolo Valdes”

Opening The Hague Sculpture 2010 _MG_5745Lady in Green

Opening The Hague Sculpture 2010 _MG_5876
Queen Beatrix looking at a Regina Statue of Manolo Valdes
Opening The Hague Sculpture 2010 _MG_5839
Two Regina Statues by Manolo Valdes

In summer there is an open air sculpture exhibition at the “Lange Voorhout”, The Hague Sculpture. Melinda posted about it already. When the exhibition was opened by Dutch Queen Beatrix, I took this lady in green’s portrait while entering the Klooster Church for the opening ceremony. Hats are en vogue during such official venues. I believe such classic ladies with chic outfits are typical for The Hague.

Today the statues of Manolo Valdes will be taken away. The Kim Ruysenaar sculptures will be on display until September 12.

I really wondered whether Manolo was inspired by Beatrix, who is a sculptor herself, time permitting, or whether his Regina series that could reflect Beatrix caused the organizing committee to invite Manolo for this year’s exhibition and to ensure Beatrix would do the opening ceremony.

For those of you interested in the actual sculptures featured in The Hague: I’ve uploaded several sets of photos to my Flickr account: 2010, 2009, 2009 opening, 2008 and 2007.

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A tree-lined avenue called Lange Voorhout

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The Lange Voorhout has always been a favorite haunt in The Hague.  Walking along its tree-lined avenue on early weekend mornings, while everything else is asleep and quiet, is the ultimate food for the soul.

There is a charming quality to its surroundings.  The hundred year old buildings flanking its sides are now homes to various embassies, residences and various offices.   The summer and autumn months lend its gravel walkways to various exhibits of great works from artists all over the world.  The Escher Museum awaits at the end where one can unravel the Dutch artist’s mysteries on optical illusions.

Currently, the larger than life bronze sculpture works of Valencia-born Manolo Valdes are showcased in an open air exhibition until the 12th of September.

And when those feet are tired, the Lounge Bar of the Hotel des Indes is a perfect place for coffee or high tea… or the cafes along the Denneweg serve as perfect venues for that much yearned for cup of coffee or refreshing cocktail.

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