The Start

We have been brainstorming about a name and it has become Absolutely The Hague!

Today is the day of the FiFa WorldCup final between Spain and The Orange team of the Netherlands. Before working further on this project I’ll have to watch the match:-)

Unfortunately the Dutch football team lost in the last couple of minutes in the extension from the Spanish team. The Spanish were just a little bit better than the Dutch. It showed in the number of free kicks and yellow cards the Dutch got during the match. It was like watching the Dutch beating Brazil: In that match the Brazilians were the ones getting more and more frustrated, in this final the Dutch showed their frustrations more and more. Our congratulations to Spain.

On an historic note it was curious to see the crown princes of both countries watching this game brotherly seated next to each other in the VIP lounge. Two kingdoms in a world where republics are more en vogue nowadays…

Ah and I found a suitable photo! Our queen Beatrix giving the start sign.
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