Nieuwe Kerk or New Church of The Hague


Will be publishing more and more The Hague photo’s as Picfair inspires me to do so.

Nieuwe Kerk or New Church of The Hague was built between 1649 and 1656 according to a design by Pieter Noorwits, carpenter. Currently it is a a music hall, mainly for classical ensembles and choirs.

Few places left for the 070 Twitterlunch on April 24, 2012

My First Twaartup

Few places left for the 070 Twitterlunch on April 24, 2012

The highest time to revive this blog. As it aims to bring foreign language The Hague lovers, -workers and -inhabitants together with the locals we (i.e. Me) should put more effort in keeping it a bit more up to date.

Now there is an excellent opportunity to mix with Dutch Locals from The Hague and abroad: Amsterdam Based Event Queen @Puur, together with the The Hague based @filosoof and @1espresso are organizing a 070 Twitterlunch in Pavlov on April 24, 2012.

Have a look at this Page of @Puur and leave a note if you want to participate. Cost is € 8.- for a typical Dutch “Sandwich” Lunch (you know how we Dutch are. Don’t you?)

85 rections as of the moment of publishing this post. Because as always people will not show up, the organizers believe some 30 more can be accommodated.

The above photo is from the first #twaartup I was able to attend some time ago. A twaartup is a tweetup with coffee or tea and cake rather than sandwiches. A new 070 #twaartup is in the works. I will keep you posted.

An appetizer to the outdoor cultural season …

If the longer and warmer days were not indication enough of the city’s awakening, then the flurry of press releases about the forthcoming awakening of The Hague is a sure sign that the days ahead will be different. No more crawling into winter slumber after a days work, no, the City and the weather are enticing us out of our homes and onto the streets.

Announcements about the Festival Month of June, when for a month long we will be confronted with an embarrassing wealth of choice when it comes to music, has now been given an appetizer. In May a new initiative will hit the streets and wet the appetites of Hague residents. Culinary The Hague will take place for the first time from the 2nd through the 8th of May and foodies can take part in a culinary tour of the city. For the fixed price of 59.50 you can enjoy a four course meal, in four different restaurants – on one evening!

Wait, there is more, for the adventurous gastronome. After you reserve your ticket you will be told which of the four participating restaurants will be serving you which course, and while traveling from one to the other you will be given a route to follow, which will take you through some of The Hague’s historic points. Information about your route, what you will see, and where you will eat will be sent to you by email following the purchase of your ticket.

And, if this were not enough – each course includes a drink!

The participating restaurants are: Restaurant Des Deux Villes – Restaurant It Rains Fishes – Restaurant Dekxels – Decibels – Restaurant Max– Restaurant Han Ting – Brasserie Buitenhof

 Den Haag City Marketing and its partners have outdone themselves with this inspiring initiative. For more information, and more importantly to reserve your seat & tour visit – be creative though, or use google translate – the site is only available in Dutch ….

Bon appetite, and dare I say, happy travels!

PS The June Festivals include: The Royal Beach Concert (June 4th & 5th), Shopping Night (June 23rd) , Parkpop (June 26th), Den Haag Sculptuur (June 6th through to September 1st), Vlaggetjesdag (June 11th), The Hague Jazz (June 17th – 19th) , Festival Classique (June 14th – 19th) and Dutch Veterans Days (Nederlandse Veteranendag) (June 25th). As of April 18th will have all the up to date information.

Scheveningen, lots to do and see

Scheveningen beach bar
When the sun shines in The Hague most people head to Scheveningen to enjoy the seaside and all it has to offer. The beach has recently been extended and the restaurants have opened again for business after a long winter break. You will find a wide selection of food and night-life along the boulevard, but also on the North Beach and around the Harbour.

Other attractions are the Casino, water sports, diverse museums with excellent exhibitions each year (such as Museum Beelden aan Zee) and walking routes in and around the dunes. If you are visiting with kids go to Sea Life and they are sure to also enjoy Glow Golf on the Pier.

Upcoming events – save the date:

Transport: Tram 1, 9, 11 & bus 22

* Parking can be a problem on sunny days, read here for info on where to park.

image credit: Photo by Martin Palmer


CPC runners head towards the finish line.

My family and I are signed up for the ABN AMRO CPC (City-Pier-City) Run, which will take place in The Hague on March 13, 2011.  Once an intimate local race that allowed Dutch talent to shine, the CPC has become the stage for world class runners to set and break records, including Samuel Wanjiru who set a world record time in 2007 and legendary distance runner Haile Gabrselassie, and Sammy Kitwara who, after defeating Gabrselassie on the course in 2009, became the runner to watch. This year with changes made to the course making it even faster, the record making tradition is expected to continue.

Although the intense international attention shown to the race in recent years because of the world-class runners it attracts is exciting, the CPC is ultimately a local race defined by its intimate feel. In addition to the half marathon, other CPC events include the Ernst & Bobbie Children’s run, the Youth Run, the Schools’ Run in which students from local schools participate in a 1, 2.5, or 5 km run, the West 5 km Run, the AD Haagsche Courant 10 km Run and the Business Runs.

For more information on the race and registration visit the CPC website.

Beyond Bliss Spa


Garra Rufa fish treatment



Escape from the daily stress of life at Beyond Bliss Spa.  Located on Prinsenstraat, one of the most stylish shopping streets in The Hague, Beyond Bliss Spa features a range of treatments to pamper and refresh, but it is the Garra Rufa Fish Foot Spa that is creating a buzz.

Touted as a “natural pedicure” the treatment uses Garra Rufa fish, originally found in the hot springs of Turkey and used to treat psoriasis and other skin disorders, to feed on the dry skin on your feet. The fish are also believed to secrete an enzyme that promotes skin regeneration, resulting in softer, smoother skin.

Your feet are first sprayed with water to remove any dirt or fluff before you dunk them into the long fish tank filled with warm water and hundreds of Garra Rufa. The communal tank is sterilized by a special filter and UV light.

When you place your feet in the water, you must relax and sit still.  Too much movement will scare the fish away.  The fish nibbling at your feet tickles initially, but once you get used to it, it’s quite enjoyable.  Supplement the treatment, which can last up to 45 minutes, with a pedicure and give your feet the treat they deserve.

Other treatments offered at Beyond Bliss include manicures, deep tissue and facial massage and light therapy, standard treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or “winter blues, something that will in no doubt be very popular during the dark days of winter.

Owner Adrienn Kefei proves to be a wonderful hostess and often makes the intimate spa available for private events, such as birthday parties and wedding and baby showers. Beyond Bliss also offers discounts and monthly specials.  Visit the website for more information.


ZOOM, eyes on Dutch fashion

fotograaf  © Wendelien Daan
fotograaf © Wendelien Daan

‘ZOOM, eyes on Dutch fashion’ is a visual journey through the history of Dutch fashion from 1950 to the present. The exhibition consists of over 150 photographs work with the crème de la crème of all Dutch designers, photographers, stylists and models. If you are fashionista then make sure you visit this exhibition when you are in The Hague.

Location: Le Magasin de la Mode, Haagsche Bluf 43, The Hague

image credit:

Residence de la Mode 2010

The Hague is the centre of Dutch fashion from 28 October – 7 November 2010. Highlights during this event are a fashion tour through the city centre, a high fashion gallery store by Dutch top talent, fashion activities and of course plenty of shopping discounts. The Dutch Fashion Foundation will host the ‘Dutch Fashion Awards 2010’ in The Hague on 5 November.

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