Starbucks now in The Hague

After years of speculation Starbucks finally opened it’s first location in The Hague last week. A small group of Starbucks fans met up at the end of the afternoon to enjoy their first of many drinks.  The location at Central Station is surprisingly quite big although it seems to be in a temporary spot as the entire station is being rebuilt. What is your favourite coffee spot in The Hague?

Author: Lisa Rouissi

Lisa is a self confessed web junkie. Originally from Australia Lisa has been living in The Hague for over 20 years. You can find Lisa online at: & on Twitter @koffiekitten

3 thoughts on “Starbucks now in The Hague”

  1. Favorite coffee spot? My favorite coffee spot is my own living room! That’s why I brew my own Starbucks coffee at home and it’s a lot cheaper too!! The original Starbucks beans I buy at a small mom and pop USA import company in The Hague called Direct USA… As far as I know they don’t have a website but you can call them at 070 7004660

  2. My favorite coffee spot in The Hague must be the Nespresso counter in the Bijenkorf store in The Hague city center. It’s on the third floor of the Bijenkorf store close to the escalators. The coffee blends are spectacular and the quality is beyond compare. You can buy your own stylish coffee machine and different flavored coffee blends and there’s also room to taste a cup at their separate coffee counter.

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