Scheveningen, lots to do and see

Scheveningen beach bar
When the sun shines in The Hague most people head to Scheveningen to enjoy the seaside and all it has to offer. The beach has recently been extended and the restaurants have opened again for business after a long winter break. You will find a wide selection of food and night-life along the boulevard, but also on the North Beach and around the Harbour.

Other attractions are the Casino, water sports, diverse museums with excellent exhibitions each year (such as Museum Beelden aan Zee) and walking routes in and around the dunes. If you are visiting with kids go to Sea Life and they are sure to also enjoy Glow Golf on the Pier.

Upcoming events – save the date:

Transport: Tram 1, 9, 11 & bus 22

* Parking can be a problem on sunny days, read here for info on where to park.

image credit: Photo by Martin Palmer

Author: Lisa Rouissi

Lisa is a self confessed web junkie. Originally from Australia Lisa has been living in The Hague for over 20 years. You can find Lisa online at: & on Twitter @koffiekitten

2 thoughts on “Scheveningen, lots to do and see”

  1. Hi!

    Nice blog. That’s my picture on the “Scheveningen, lots to do and see” page. But you’ve credited it incorrectly. Please show “Photo by Martin Palmer” on the link through to my Flickr page.


    Martin Palmer

    Scheveningen beach bar

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