CPC runners head towards the finish line.

My family and I are signed up for the ABN AMRO CPC (City-Pier-City) Run, which will take place in The Hague on March 13, 2011.  Once an intimate local race that allowed Dutch talent to shine, the CPC has become the stage for world class runners to set and break records, including Samuel Wanjiru who set a world record time in 2007 and legendary distance runner Haile Gabrselassie, and Sammy Kitwara who, after defeating Gabrselassie on the course in 2009, became the runner to watch. This year with changes made to the course making it even faster, the record making tradition is expected to continue.

Although the intense international attention shown to the race in recent years because of the world-class runners it attracts is exciting, the CPC is ultimately a local race defined by its intimate feel. In addition to the half marathon, other CPC events include the Ernst & Bobbie Children’s run, the Youth Run, the Schools’ Run in which students from local schools participate in a 1, 2.5, or 5 km run, the West 5 km Run, the AD Haagsche Courant 10 km Run and the Business Runs.

For more information on the race and registration visit the CPC website.

Author: Monique

Monique and her husband moved to The Hague 12 years ago. This mother of 2 and intrepid traveler writes about The Netherlands for examiner.com and her family's travels at travelingmom.com. Follow her on Twitter @monique_rubin and become a fan on Facebook.

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