Sandwich Paradise

The popularity of sandwiches rose dramatically during the Industrial Revolution when the working classes made fast, portable and inexpensive food a staple. Overtime, sandwiches have become one of the most versatile meal anyone can have.  Whether you like yours with brown or white bread, baguette or ciabatta, there are a hundred ways of making it delicious and interesting with your favorite spreads, fillings, salads and anything else you can imagine.

In The Hague, two sandwiches places stand out for their thoughtful, healthy and gourmet approach to preparing an ordinary piece of bread into a delightful lunch or scrumptious dinner on those lazy nights you just don’t feel like cooking.

Bagels & Beans

Bagels & Beans, Plaats, Den Haag centrum

Popular for six varieties of bagels to choose from: 100% organic white, brown and sesame bagels, and, or sun-dried tomato, multi-grain and cinnamon & raisin bagels.  Order it with your favorite cream cheese flavor: natural, walnut & honey, dill or pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. Finish off with one of their healthy fresh fruit juices.

They have three outlets in three favorite locations in The Hague that makes them so appealing. Plaats at The Hague city center or the Aert van der Goesstraat at the intersection of the Frederik Hendriklaan in the  Statenkwartier are ideal choices for casual lunch meetings.

Bagels & Beans, Plaats, Den Haag

And the cafe at the first floor of Selexyz Verwijs bookshop in The Passage at the city center is a favorite destination to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee with a slice of one of their heavenly dessert cakes while reading a book or magazine. The date cake is to die for. Ok, I digress.


Thoughtful food.  That says it all.

A quick glance on the menu yields wild turkey filling on a cranberry spread, smashing avocado with goat cheese and a salad mix, spicy chicken with roma tomatoes and baby spinach on aioli dressing among others… need I say more? Oh yes, their salad bowls are refreshingly everything you want to have in your salad but don’t know yet.


Boosty at Frederik Hendriklaan

But what makes them also really popular is their broodjetaart (bread cake) which is a large round sandwich bread filled with your choice of toppings and sliced into serving portions of eight or ten or twelve.  Perfect for that lunch birthday treat in the office or to serve with your cocktail parties. You have to order these a day before.


Sandwich Filling Counter, Boosty


Author: Melinda Roos

Runs Laura Kirsten Home Accents and Furniture company, a marketing and distribution company for furniture and home accessories, Writes passionately about the human condition at and also writes feature and lifestyle topics for various expat and international websites.

7 thoughts on “Sandwich Paradise”

  1. Addicted to the Boosty Tuna Salad!! I really like the vibrant orange interior and they also have great coffee. And of course Bagels and Beans is also fab, the guy at the Fred location is super friendly :)

  2. Boosty has become one of my favourites since I found them. Nice variety of sandwiches and all healthy! And the coffee is not too bad either… :)

  3. Coincidentally had lunch at Boosty’s last week, and a sandwich at B&B today … could not agree with you more Melinda! And, as every visit to Bagel & Beans, I always leave with a bag full of (unbaked) bagels to slice and put in the freezer. Remove and toast and you have a perfect Sunday morning bagel at your fingertips! .. or treat when you feel like it. :)

    1. You have excellent taste, yum! And next time, why don’t you and TR have coffee here at home while the furniture is still in place? Just so you know… :)

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