Organic Cafe – a home away from home

One dreary day in February on the Veenkade we noticed a busy group of people painting what had been a drab and sad dark brown take-away cafe. The look was retro circa 1950, canary yellow flowery vinyls, mis-matched pretty china cups and Grandmas teapots. Cheerful fun, friendly, organic, vegetarian, happy to pass the time and talk food – Baklust had arrived and we were so, so glad. It has the feel of a home away from home and it has the best carrot cake this side of Sydney.  It serves only vegetarian and organic food and we think it gets better by the day. They make a good Sunday brunch opening at 10 sharp, have whole-meal scones on the weekend, make a scrummy salad and soups. Do check the board for their specials which reflect the seasonal produce available and feel free to share ideas and recipes with them. We have! My daughter loves their tapenade toasted sandwich and the chocolate cake.

But the really, really difficult part is to resist those cakes – carrot cake with icing neither too sweet or tart, cheese cake, tartlets, slices and others.  But the really fab thing is what nice folk they are which makes you happy to pay up and come visit again. OK, it’s not molecular cuisine but it is good, honest food made with passion. What more could one ask?

Find them at Veenkade no. 19 – closed Mondays, opened 10 – 18.00

Author: kathycooks

Kathy divides her time between The Hague, London and the wonderful Waiheke Island in New Zealand. Writing, slow food, speaking, story-telling and working with young minds are some of her passions. Most of all feeding friends, family and those who drop by keep her busy and in one of her many favourite aprons.

3 thoughts on “Organic Cafe – a home away from home”

  1. Julie and I went there after leaving your birthday party because I wanted to order a whole carrot cake! I will go back for more. I’ve been trying to figure out if its honey or maple syrup they put into it, I should just ask the next time, eh. :)

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