Pluk and Laser Light Show at Madurodam

Madurodam is a mini Holland, with typically Dutch towns and scenery presented on a 1:25 scale. In front of Madurodam is a statue of the Dutch literary character Hans Brinker who famously put his finger in a leaking dike, keeping it there until the town’s people were able to repair it and prevent the country from flooding.  The multimedia show Madurodam by Light uses light, water and lasers to give a modern interpretation to this classic tale, which symbolizes Holland’s struggle with water. You can see this multimedia extravaganza every night at sunset through October 31.

While at Madurodam, be sure to visit Pluk in Madurodam.  This exhibition of another beloved Dutch literary character, Pluk van de Petteflet from the books by author Annie M.G. Schmidt and illustrator Fiep Westendorp has been extended due to its popularity.  Highlights include Pluk’s tow truck and a collection of original drawings by Westendorp.

For more information on Madurodam by Light, Pluk in Madurodam and Madurodam’s opening hours visit the website.



Author: Monique

Monique and her husband moved to The Hague 12 years ago. This mother of 2 and intrepid traveler writes about The Netherlands for and her family's travels at Follow her on Twitter @monique_rubin and become a fan on Facebook.

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