Carnival of Cities – October 6, 2010

Welcome to the Carnival of Cities for October 6, 2010.
In the Carnival of Cities by turn bloggers post the best posts about one city or town produced by other bloggers who have entered their posts. Is an excellent way to spread the word about your blog and/or to bring your city to the attention of readers of other blogs. For us as a relatively new blog dedicated to one city (The Hague, Absolutely!) it’s an honor to host this blog carnival Carnival of Cities, originally set up by Sheila Scarborough on her Family Travel Logue back in 2007. Sheila doesn’t confine herself to just one blog, do read my interview with her, and, more importantly, she has visited The Hague several times when she used to live in The Netherlands.

The last edition of September 22, 2010, was hosted at Family Travel Logue and the next edition of October 20, 2010 will be hosted at Sheila’s Guide to the Good Stuff.

The rules for this Carnival of Cities clearly state that the posts have to reflect just one city or one town of any importance. So unfortunately I had to delete a couple of submissions that did not comply.






I take the liberty to include footage of surfing in Scheveningen, The Hague’s Beach Resort, referring to a prior post where 9 photographers were gliding rather than riding the North Sea, saying: “You were lucky guys, the weather was not like this or even worse:-)”


That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of cities using the Carnival of Cities Submission Form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Author: Happy Hotelier

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15 thoughts on “Carnival of Cities – October 6, 2010”

  1. Good post! All of the concepts as well as insights happen to be very well worthwhile learning. You definitely people useful material. Thank you for posting it!

  2. Thanks for the mention Guido!

    Great lineup of b4posts, and it’s good to see Absolutely the Hague flourishing! Maybe next year we need to host a combined bloggers meet-up. Dutch bloggers come to Leeds for the weekend, and I’ll get some Leeds bloggers to come over to the Hague! :)

  3. @Sheila
    I’m now double glad I hosted it here with my server problems over at Happy Hotelier and Yes! I’ve tried to charm a couple of my blogging friends:-)

    Recently you were running a darn impressive Carnival yourself M’Lady

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