Hagenaars Flock like Seagulls to Simonis at Scheveningen Harbor

When you see the crowd outside Simonis Fish Restaurant in Scheveningen Harbor, it is obvious that I am not alone in proclaiming it the Best of The Hague! The AD also awarded Simonis a 9.5 high score in their Haring Test, but it is not Haring that draws me to the harbor every weekend.

Simonis’ fresh fish market is open 7 days a week until 18.30 and has an amazing selection of fresh fish, oysters, lobster, sushi, and a variety of homemade specialties including bouillabaisse.  If you are not sure what to make for dinner, you will be tempted by the assortment of marinated items ready for the grill or oven, depending on the weather. The skewers of marinated shrimps are always a crowd-pleaser!

The fish market is always busy, but the line of people out the door are no doubt waiting to eat at the Simonis restaurant. Our kids always beg and plead to eat there, but we only dine in occasionally. Simonis’ famous deep fried Kibbling, Lekkerbek, Calamari and Chinese Garnalen are too irresistible and while scrumptious, could be habit forming! My Mother always asks to go directly to Simonis upon arrival at Schiphol. She may be their biggest transatlantic fan?  I just discovered that the restaurant opens at 9am, so perhaps on her next visit to The Hague, my mom can join the regulars who consume these deep fried treats for breakfast every morning?

The summer finds the place packed with beach goers and tourists and during the holidays, Simonis party platters are extremely popular.  There are other locations in the City Center at the Markthof and the Boulevard at Scheveningen, but I recommend the original experience! Don’t be scared off by the crowds, this family owned business runs like a well oiled machine and service is fast, efficient and in most cases extremely friendly.

Author: Suzy Ogé

Suzy Ogé is an American living in The Netherlands. She is the Founder and Director of the Women’s Business Initiative International, based in The Hague. The WBII is an incubator and business center for entrepreneurial women. Through Etcetera Consulting, Suzy specializes in coaching small business owners and start ups. She is an Adjunct Professor at Webster University in Leiden, the New Business School Amsterdam. Suzy Oge is a frequent speaker at other universities, organizations and corporations on the topics of Entrepreneurship, Success, Women in Business, Communication, Cross-cultural issues, etc. Suzy is active in the local community, stimulating both business and social initiatives. She has become a weight lifting enthusiast and created the site STRONG is the New Black.com to share her remarkable story and promote the benefits of strength training, a fat fighting diet and healthy lifestyle!

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