Haags Bakkie at sea

Sunday October 3rd, Scheveningen.
It was a perfect day for an offshore photo shoot for the new websites of RIB-school Scheveningen (www.ribschool.nl & www.rib-actie.nl).

Nine photographers from the Haags Bakkie group on Flickr went to sea on two powerboats enjoying 90 minutes of elementary and revitalizing fun.

Many of the pictures taken can be enjoyed in the Haags Bakkie pool on Flickr.
The route we sailed can be found on Google maps, thanks to Wim/Oxidiser.

Special thanks to Nachburgemeester (night-mayor) René Bom for introducing us to RIB-school Scheveningen, to the Puglia family for a wonderful day, and to Jan Hammer for the musical framework.

This article is translated from Dutch.
De Nederlandse versie is te lezen op Hofstijl.

Author: Maurits Burgers

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