NIBC Celebrates its 65th B day and lets you visit 20 The Hague Musea for Free on Oct 31, 2010!

NICB is a bank with head office in the Hague. Because it celebrates its 65th birthday it offers entrance to 20 musea of The Hague for Free on October 31, 2010!

They opened a special (Dutch of course) site: NICB Open Museum Dag

Participating musea are:

  1. De Affiche Galerij
  2. Escher in Het Paleis
  3. Fotomuseum Den Haag
  4. GEM, Museum voor actuele kunst
  5. Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
  6. Haags Historisch Museum
  7. Huygensmuseum Hofwijck
  8. Koninklijke Bibliotheek
  9. Letterkundig Museum
  10. Louis Couperus Museum
  11. Louwman Museum
  12. Mauritshuis
  13. Museon
  14. Museum Beelden aan Zee
  15. Museum Bredius
  16. Museum Meermanno
  17. Museum voor Communicatie
  18. Muzee Scheveningen
  19. Panorama Mesdag
  20. Stroom Den Haag

source: Hofstijl

The bike with my name

The day before yesterday a FaceBook friend, Sam, posted a picture on my wall of a bicycle bearing my name.
My last name Burgers also is the name of the oldest bicycle factory in The Netherlands (not related), so that wasn’t the surprise. The funny thing was that it also had my firstname in big letters on the rear: MAUP.
Maup being short for Maurits.

Organic Cafe – a home away from home

One dreary day in February on the Veenkade we noticed a busy group of people painting what had been a drab and sad dark brown take-away cafe. The look was retro circa 1950, canary yellow flowery vinyls, mis-matched pretty china cups and Grandmas teapots. Cheerful fun, friendly, organic, vegetarian, happy to pass the time and talk food – Baklust had arrived and we were so, so glad. It has the feel of a home away from home and it has the best carrot cake this side of Sydney.  It serves only vegetarian and organic food and we think it gets better by the day. They make a good Sunday brunch opening at 10 sharp, have whole-meal scones on the weekend, make a scrummy salad and soups. Do check the board for their specials which reflect the seasonal produce available and feel free to share ideas and recipes with them. We have! My daughter loves their tapenade toasted sandwich and the chocolate cake.

But the really, really difficult part is to resist those cakes – carrot cake with icing neither too sweet or tart, cheese cake, tartlets, slices and others.  But the really fab thing is what nice folk they are which makes you happy to pay up and come visit again. OK, it’s not molecular cuisine but it is good, honest food made with passion. What more could one ask?

Find them at Veenkade no. 19 – closed Mondays, opened 10 – 18.00

The Hague has it’s own Gaga

You know you want to look good

Gaga’s-Style on the trendy Prinsestraat in the city centre is THE place to go get your hair done. Gaga Jovanovic has over 20 years experience in hairdressing and has been cutting hair for over 7 years in The Hague. Her dedication to making each person feel comfortable and at ease while working wonders on your hair is what will make you come back for more.

It is no secret that I trust her with my hair! If you are looking for a hairdresser in The Hague I can personally recommend Gaga’s Style, tell her Lisa sent you : ).

Panorama view at

Location: Prinsestraat 86, 2513 CG Den Haag
Telephone: 070 3652695 ‎
Transport: tram stop Noordwal tram 17

Ice is on it’s way to The Hague

“The largest ice-attraction of Europe is coming to the Malieveld this winter in The Hague” via:

Paradice will be the biggest ice-skating rink in Europe and is set to open on 17 December in The Hague. Besides skating you can spend a whole day the ice-park playing games, curling (well you never know), there will entertainment for the kids in the Ice Theatre or just sit back and relax while enjoying a cup of Dutch hot chocolate in the winter village. The ice season will close on February 13 2011 with a fitting Valentice event, promising to be the Valentine event of the year.

When: 17 december 2010 tot 14 februari 2011
Where: Malieveld, The Hague [Google Maps]
Transport: Malieveld tramstop, trams 8 & 9; Korte Voorhout tramstop: tram 10, 16 & 17 or Central Station, 5 min walk
Website & ticket info:

Pluk and Laser Light Show at Madurodam

Madurodam is a mini Holland, with typically Dutch towns and scenery presented on a 1:25 scale. In front of Madurodam is a statue of the Dutch literary character Hans Brinker who famously put his finger in a leaking dike, keeping it there until the town’s people were able to repair it and prevent the country from flooding.  The multimedia show Madurodam by Light uses light, water and lasers to give a modern interpretation to this classic tale, which symbolizes Holland’s struggle with water. You can see this multimedia extravaganza every night at sunset through October 31.

While at Madurodam, be sure to visit Pluk in Madurodam.  This exhibition of another beloved Dutch literary character, Pluk van de Petteflet from the books by author Annie M.G. Schmidt and illustrator Fiep Westendorp has been extended due to its popularity.  Highlights include Pluk’s tow truck and a collection of original drawings by Westendorp.

For more information on Madurodam by Light, Pluk in Madurodam and Madurodam’s opening hours visit the website.



The Fabulous Farmers Market

My name is Kathy Voyles and I am passionate about food – honest, local organic food if I can get it. I grew up in the green grasslands of the Waikato, in New Zealand, in prime dairy farming territory where we had a large veggie garden, seemingly acres of fruit trees and loads of creatures hanging about from peacocks to muscovy ducks, bantams, goats and our arch enemies, the prize rose eating ‘possums’.  Since then I’ve come a long way via various countries to somehow end up in the international city of The Hague. I can tell you I like it better each day, especially on such golden autumn day as this one is. I am also a most avid food forager, seeking the best of what this city has to offer and sharing that knowledge with others.

Since living here I have also become a bit of an urban activist, encouraging kids to look upon their city spaces, green and otherwise, as an environment for all to share and to enjoy.  I also encourage all I meet to grow edible plants and flowers in their garden (should they be lucky enough to have one) or on a balconey or even just a few herbs on a kitchen window. Then I tell everyone I meet, know, email or exchange even a few words with to visit the wonderful farmers market in The Hague. This is my idea of heaven on a Wednesday. I head out early, trundling a hip green shopping trolley already in a foodie flutter of anticipation. There is disappointment if a favourite stand is vacant. I head straight for the far right corner where conference pears are at their autumn best and the flowers are glowing with purple flame. Then I pick up some crusty bread baked by Menno and discuss the merits of spelt flour. After that it’s over to the wise women of the wild mushroom stand. Their knowledge of preparing fungi is legend. We contemplate how best to serve the autumn truffle that nestles on the white rice and I cannot resist the large beige portabellos which are destined to be served with lashings of rosemary basalmico and soft goats cheese that evening.

I purchase my olive oil, red rice, cranberries and nuts from the friendly ladies in the middle, buy my cheese, milk and eggs from the laughing cheese chap and finish with the always calm and kind marketeers at the far left opposite. My trolley brimeth over with a rainbow of fresh herbs, vegetables and gorgeous produce from simply the most friendly, laid-back market in this town. It’s open from 9 until 5ish every Wednesday close by to the entrance of the Binnenhof opposite the Novohotel entrance to the Passsage. I will be the one in the hat, but not in my full Green Witch regalia which is mainly used for story-telling these days. Do come over and say hello. I would be delighted to share my food foraging knowledge with you.


HanTing Cuisine top restaurant in The Hague

Hanting Cuisine

HanTing Cuisine wins top restaurant in The Hague in the SpecialBite guide 2011. It is no surprise that Chef Han’s newest restaurant has become one of the top 10 restaurants in The Netherlands. We ate there last year when it had just opened it doors and it was a real food lover treat.

Han Ting lamb & duck

Chef Han is so passionate about food and he aims to please each guest that walks in the door. The five course meal we had was out of this world! I ate things I never ate before and loved every single one of them. His love for food and dedication to perfection are the secret to his success. Congratulations to the whole team at HanTing Cuisine!

2009 review on Refined Fusion is Perfection at HanTing in The Hague

Location: Prinsestraat 33, 2513 CA ‘s-Gravenhage
T: 070-3620828

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Where to dine in The Hague on Mondays? (2)

Who is this Gentlemen biking through the Hague in deep thought?

He’s parking his bike in front of Smulwereld (i.e. Good Food World). Would he eat there?

No this Gentlemen is here in an official capacity. He is underway to Mandarin Palace

Where Jason Yip (from Hong Kong) and his charming wife May Lye (from Shanghai) anxiously are awaiting his arrival .

To reopen Mandarin Palace officially.

After having operated this very good Chinese Restaurant successfully for over 12 1/2 years Jason and May Lye had decided to give the restaurant a major make over. In the words of the Mayor of The Hague, Jozias van Aartsen: “If you are planning to travel to Shanghai, you have to first come and taste all what the Shanghai kitchen has to offer you here with May Lye and Jason ”

Jason and May Lye are very proud having been featured in the Dutch gourmet glossy “Lekker” for all 12 Years they have been operating Mandarin Palace and yes, and you can eat here on Mondays, because they close on Tuesdays.

Dutch version on Hofstijl

Tea-masterclass Betjeman & Barton

Together with seven other tea lovers (two men and five women) I was invited today by Marion van den Blik, owner of Betjeman & Barton, Denneweg 25 in The Hague ( to have a tea-masterclass in her lovely shop. The first thing we got was a glass of tea, a melange Pouchkine (which tasted a little bit like Earlgray, with bergamot, lemon and orange), with a homemade applecake, made of Granny’s world famous applecake mix. Marion told about the history of the famous tea brand, which started in 1919 when Englishman Mr. Barton visited Paris where he – of course – fell in love with a beautyful French lady, and opened his own tea shop at the boulevard Malesherbes. About 30 years ago Marion visited the B&B shop in Paris, fell in love with this brand of tea and took her own tea with her being abroad. In 1992 Marion decided to make from her passion her profession and opened the first Betjeman and Barton teashop in The Netherlands. Except for many many brands of tea she sells the beautiful pottery of Emma Bridgewater, GreenGate or Bunzlau Castle.

At home and in her shop she has a beautiful collection of about 140 tea pots, antique and modern ones, most of them in the shape of a cat. The first tea we tasted was the Chinese White Pearl from the Fujian province in Southern China, a light green tea, followed by a green Japanese Gyokuro, which has to brew just for one minute, a Black Dragon from Taiwan (with the taste of smoked chestnuts), a biological Darjeeling first flush, picked in March 2010 (€ 34 per 100 gr) and the fifth brand was the Chinese black tea. The prices of these teas are between € 25 and € 45 per 100 gr). You’ll have the best tea by using Spa water of about 70° C, a clean hot teapot, and o no, no sugar please. Then it was time for a so-called low-tea. Marion made delicious wraps with salmon, little clubsandwiches and mini pizzas, trifle and other sweets.

Thank you Marion, I enjoyed your tea-masterclass very much! And I could not resist buying that lovely red and white striped teapot of GreenGate!

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