A good life in The Hague

Let me introduce myself as author of this blog

My name is Ellie Brik and I was born many many years ago in Rotterdam. Since 1999 I live in The Hague, in the so-called Statenkwartier; I love to bike to the Denneweg or to the beach and enjoy a good cappuccino on a sunny terrace. In 2000 I wrote for publisher Mo’Media in Breda (www.momedia.nl) my first book “52 zondagen wandelen & lunchen” (52 Sunday walks and lunches) which was very successful (100.000 copies and on the Top 100 list of best sold books in 2002). Uptil now I wrote 12 books all about the good life: visiting lovely towns and villages, having great lunches and dinners, and staying in the best hotels. Furthermore I wrote about lifestyle, fashion and furniture for Elsevier Thema. For a Belgian magazine I wrote about shopping, dining and sleeping in lovely cities in Holland and Belgium. I also write about the good life for magazine Heerlijkheid, published by Mariënwaerdt in Beesd (www.marienwaerdt.nl), see issue October and December 2010 and February 2011. In my blog http://elliebrik.web-log.nl you can read about my private and business matters.

Some tips for The Hague

At least try bread or the delicious galettes from Philippe Galerne. Try the shrimp croquettes at Dendy (www.restaurantdendy.nl), the Caesar salad at Oker (www.restaurantoker.nl), both at the Denneweg in the Hague, or the fusion kitchen of Wox (www.wox.nl).

Stay at the hotel of one of the authors here, at Hotel des Indes (ask for a room with a view on the Lange Voorhout), or at the Paleishotel (www.paleishotel.nl)

Visit the Gemeentemuseum (www.gemeentemuseum.nl), the Mauritshuis (www.mauritshuis.nl) and the Panorama Mesdag (www.panorama-mesdag.com) all three a must.

You can find me on Twitter as @EllieBrik

5 thoughts on “A good life in The Hague”

  1. @Ellie
    Sorry for the edits I made. I realize I could have done it a lot easier and quicker than than you, but my refraining from it had three reasons:

    1. No one better than you self to introduce yourself plus you can always re edit it yourself
    2. I wanted you to step over the threshold of this type of blogging
    3. I hope that now you have given the very good example, the other authors will write a post to introduce themselves

    Thanks a lot for the effort!

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