M Building by Rem Koolhaas cancelled by The Hague

The City of The Hague has canceled the M Building by Rem Koolhaas just after they hade broke ground in front of the The Hague Central Train Station and had spend roughly € 2 mio planning costs.

I would say better stop here than completing it in error. In the present economic circumstances it is uncertain whether such mega (some would say magalomanic) building could be filled with paying tenants. The City of The Hague had guaranteed to rent a substantial part of it , so there is a huge saving post gained.

Off course it is a loss that we will miss a building of one of the most foremost architects we have in The Netherlands and even will lose one when the Dutch Dance Theater that was designed by Rem Koolhaas will be replaced by a new building.

Author: Happy Hotelier

Retired hotelier. Active blogger at HappyHotelier.com, Weekendhotel.blog ChairBlog.eu Haagspraak.nl and other blogs

2 thoughts on “M Building by Rem Koolhaas cancelled by The Hague”

  1. It was an ambitious plan and a spectacular building but good to know that at least they stopped before the project was too far along. I wonder if they could make the square in front of Central Station more friendlier with food stands etc, some benches to sit on and make it more of a meeting place.

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