Slagerij Rob Van der Zalm

I needed to start the Shopping and Food and Drinks categories. As I’m currently the “Mayor” of Slagerij Rob van der Zalm (a slager is a butcher) on Foursquare with 2 check ins only, I thought to start with them.

I believe that their mouthwatering hamburgers of Angus beef are the closest to the real American style hamburgers, but I would gladly change my opinion for that of a real American with real American hamburger experience.

A lot of shopping to follow.


It turns out there are two butchers Slagerij van der Zalm, one in Oegstgeest and one in The Hague. The one from The Hague is Rob van der Zalm. Fortunately Foursquare gave me the correct place to login to, but the Foursquare page of Rob van der Zalm needs some updating…

Updated by Happy Hotelier on December 21, 2012 om 10:07 pm

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5 thoughts on “Slagerij Rob Van der Zalm”

  1. We make such a natural hamburger that the flavour of the meat is the most important ingredient. Combine our burger with the lettuce, tomato, onion and our delicious home made Ontbijtspek (kind of bacon) and you will never eat another hamburger again.

    Don’t forget the bum!

    Slagerij van der Zalm
    Our website by the way:

    1. Oops…only after I visited their shop yesterday I found out I had put the cousin’s link here. I’ve changed it now. But we could use a good photo from the real burgers they sell…

  2. Angus beef is a good start but you must have the bun (+ lettuce, tomato + onion) – the crowning glory of the burger.
    And ketchup- lots of ketchup. And I forgot the fries. Zucchini + carrots on the side could be classified as un-American.

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